Many people may see the LegalMatch icon on our website and wonder what is this service?

I’ve been using LegalMatch to help market my practice in the area of Employment Law since 2007. It’s never easy finding new clients, but LegalMatch removes much of the hassle I’ve encountered with other marketing strategies.

LegalMatch streamlines the process of connecting with clients. New cases appear in my account regularly. Reaching out to clients online through LegalMatch is much more efficient especially in my practice of employment law because many employees like to contact us after hours while they are not at work.

If you are considering using LegalMatch, you should understand exactly how the service works, so that you can know whether or not it’s right for you. Clients present their case by choosing a category with a specific interview process to secure all the relevant information normally acquired during an initial consultation. Member attorneys receive instant notification of the pending case. Member Attorneys respond to cases through the online system. The client is immediately notified that a response has been made. When an attorney responds, clients see a detailed Member Attorney profile that describes important information about the Member, their practice and their firm. Clients may elect, when presenting their case, to have Member Attorneys call them as soon as the Member Attorney submits a response to their case.

LegalMatch features allow us to efficiently and meticulously keep track of which potential clients have been contacted. We are able to maximize the marketing potential that LegalMatch has to offer.


As with any rule, there are exceptions.

Please seek professional assistance with any questions or specific situations.

ADVERTISING MATERIAL ONLY: If you need legal services, please seek professional counsel.

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