Discrimination, Retaliation, Unemployment

Area of law relating to the treatment of employees with regards to hiring and retention. Every aspect of employment is included in this area of law except for the negotiation of collective bargaining contracts. 


We offer services to both Employers and Employees:


 - Reviewing employment contracts

 - Retaliation claims

 - Sexual harassment/Hostile work environment

 - Review severance agreements

 - Occupational Safety & Health Regulations violations

 - Unemployment hearings

 - Breach of contract

 - OCRC/EEOC Discrimination (Age, Race, Sex & Disability)


Contracts, Business Formation, Business Law

Area of law focusing on the formation, maintenance and dissolution of business corporations. The following are some examples of corporate matters that this office routinely handles:


 - Articles of incorporation

 - Obtaining official charter

 - Corporate minutes

 - Serving as a statutory agent

 - Dissolution of a corporation

 - Non-compete and other employment contracts


Divorce, Custody, Contempt

Area of Law which encompasses domestic relations and family matters including:


 - Divorce and Dissolution

 - Child Custody and Support

 - Property settlement agreements

 - Guardianship

 - Adoption

OCSPA, Breach of Contract, Negligence


Areas of law relating to business transaction and consumer litigation laws that govern these transactions. The Uniform Commercial Code is the primary authority which governs business transactions. However, the common law of contracts is still applied in some instances such as business service contracts. Examples of the commercial law issues this office handles are:


 - Breach of contract

 - Implied warranty

 - Express warranty

 - Misrepresentation

 - Fraud 

 - Violations of the Consumer Sales Practice Act

 - Lemon Law

 - Unworkmanlike Construction



Estate Management, Wills, Trusts

Area of law creating probate documents that state a person’s preferences for distributing his or her assets after his or her death. A well-drafted will can greatly simplify the probate process and distribute the assets of the estate to the named beneficiaries more quickly. The following are examples of probate issues that this office handles:


 - Will Drafting

 - Assist in administration of estate from start to finish

 - Aid in distribution of estate assets

 - Set up Estate checking account 


Estate Planning is more extensive than the drafting of a will. Estate planning can protect your assets by setting up revocable or irrevocable trusts and coordinating how your investments, life insurance, 401(k) plans and other property will be taken care of in the event of disability, incompetence or death. The following are some examples of issues this office handles:


 - Trusts

 - Power of Attorney

 - Living will declaration


Car Accidents, Slip & Fall

Area of law which involves the seeking of compensation for injuries sustained to a person. The injury can be either physical or psychological; however, psychological injuries are typically associated with some type of physical injury which causes a psychological trauma. 


The following are some examples of damages that can be recovered in a personal injury claim:


 - Loss of earnings

 - Pain and suffering

 - Reasonable medical expenses

 - Both present and future expected losses

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